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Buying a Macallan Whisky – Fake or Real?

This is a GOOD sign. Most of the time… The serial number printed on the inside of the label of a Macallan whisky (at the top or bottom of the label depending on the the year and model) should indicate it is authentic Macallan whisky, 95% of the time. However , there is that 5% […]

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Stampedes, Sharks and Whisky

Historically, there was a reason why Whisky is called liquid gold. But whisky is no longer just compared to gold.Whisky prices appreciate more than gold. Whisky price growth has appreciated more than any other luxury investment over the last 10 years. The price of whisky is now in consolidation. However, there is still a shortage […]

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Whisky Market Predictions for 2023

Alcovault Whisky Auction allows us to understand the whisky secondary market demand in Asia. We see actual whisky being purchased. This is real data. Most whisky retail sites see this movement a little too late as the selling prices only shadows other sellers in the market. It does not show the prices buyers are willing […]

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Why is Alcovault Whisky Auction so exciting?

www.alcovault,com We love rare whisky too. We love whisky auctions too. We created an whisky auction system that is less frustrating than the current ones. If there is no bid for a lot in the final 15 minutes of the whisky auction, the bottle that you bid on closes at 10pm and you win it. […]

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Why were cult whisky distilleries closed?

Some of the most famous and prized Scotch whisky distilleries fell silent many years ago, mothballed, shut down or demolished  – but why? Could they – should they – have survived to enjoy a different fate? Dave Broom reports.  Cult classic: Closed distillery Brora has become a cult whisky brand, much like Port Ellen It’s an observed […]

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Largest Scotch Whisky Companies

After Diageo,Pernod Ricard of France own the most Scotch distilleries thanks to their purchase of American company Seagram’s distilled beverages division as holdings of that enormous company were being sold off in 2000 – including all the distilleries owned by Chivas Brothers. In fact, between them, Diageo and Pernod Ricard control 55% of the Scotch Whisky market. Pernod Ricard […]

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