For INTERNATIONAL AUCTIONS – International auctions is hosted in Singapore. We deliver to most countries Worldwide and Singapore.

For LOCAL AUCTIONS – Malaysia Auctions and Vietnam Auctions is a local auction for Malaysia and Vietnam market only. Malaysia Auction is delivery to Malaysia and Singapore. Vietnam Auction is delivery in Vietnam and Singapore only. No other worldwide deliveries at the moment.

We endeavor to offer the most user-friendly auction service available. If you have any queries throughout the auction process, or if you would like to suggest improvements, please contact us at [email protected]

Step 1 – Website Registration

Click Here to be taken to the user registration page. You must be a registered user to use AlcoVault Auctions, as a buyer and/or a seller. There is a one-off, non-refundable membership registration fee. This is to ensure that your registered card details are confirmed and to avoid illegitimate bidding.

By registering you are agreeing to our Terms & Conditions – please make sure you read and understand the T&Cs. As a buyer, you are bound by these Terms & Conditions.

Step 2 – Search Auctions

Our online auctions are hosted on a 2 weekly basis. As a registered user we will send you an e-mail when an auction goes live.

Our auctions are usually scheduled to last between 3 – 7 days.

Step 3 – Place Your Bids

Bidding is easy with our online auction system. Enter your maximum bid into the ‘place bid’ box. AlcoVault’s system will automatically increase the bid level of the Lot incrementally (based on the table below) until it reaches your maximum bid. We will alert you by e-mail if you have been out-bid.

Minimum Next BidIncremental Bid
$0 – $9.99$1.00
$10 – $49.99$2.50
$50 – $99.99$5.00
$100 – $499$10.00
$500 – $999$20.00
$1000 – $2499$25.00
$2500 – $4999$50.00
$5000  – $24999$100.00
$25000 – $49999$250.00

Auctions end on the end date at 10pm Singapore Time. At the end of the auction we ensure that no-one is unfairly outbid by using ‘anti-sniping’ measures. This means that any bid placed in the last 15 minutes of the auction timer for the Lot/Product, it will automatically extend the auction time on that Lot by a further 15 minutes. All placed bids are visible in your account whereby you will be able to check if your bids are winning, or outbid.

Step 4 – Payment

If you have successfully won an item – congratulations! We will alert you by e-mail and request that you follow a link to our secure payment page, in order to complete the purchase of the item and let us know your delivery requirements. Buyer’s commission of 8 to 10% is added to the Sale Price of all Lots (unless otherwise stated for special promotion auctions). All payments must be made within 3 days of auction end. You may be subjected to a 3% late payment penalty fee after 3 days.

We accept payment via:

  • Bank Transfer
  • All major credit / debit cards /Paypal (3.5% surcharge)
  • Paynow (For Singapore Buyers)

Step 5 – Shipping / Collection / Storage for International Auctions

Option 1 – STORAGE:

For all Buyers, your Bottles /Lots can be stored with us for FREE in Singapore for up to 3 months. To collect bottles from storage, we require a notification period of 7 days to prepare your bottle. kindly email to us at [email protected] or call


For Singapore and International Buyers, you may collect from:

Address: Textile Centre, 200 Jalan Sultan Road, Singapore 199018

Contact: +65 89308065

Email: [email protected]

For Malaysia Buyers, you may collect from our Singapore or J.B Malaysia office. If you wish to collect from JB, then there is a charge of $50 per bottle for us to deliver your bottle to our JB office. Please email to us to make arrangements and we will send you the payment link for you to make payments for the fees.

Address: Taman Nusantara Prima, Iskandar Puteri Johor, Malaysia

Contact: +6017 7220331

Email: [email protected]

For Vietnam Buyers, you may collect from our Singapore or Ho Chi Minh Office. If you wish to collect from Ho Chi Minh, then there is a charge of $70 per bottle for us to deliver the bottle to our office in Ho Chi Minh for you to collect. Please email to us to make arrangements and we will send you the payment link for you to make payments for the fees.

Address: 7bis Phan Ton, Dakao, District 1

Email: [email protected]

Hotline: +84 949490882


For SINGAPORE BUYERS, you can choose to have your winning Lots delivered to you at a fixed fee of $10 per bottle.

For MALAYSIAN BUYERS, we can deliver to your home in Malaysia at a Fixed Fee of $10 per bottle.

For VIETNAM BUYERS, we can deliver to your home in Vietnam at a Fixed Fee of $10 per bottle.

For INTERNATIONAL BUYERS, AlcoVault Auctions offers international shipping to as many locations as possible, but not all. Please make sure you check our Shipping Page before bidding to ensure that we can deliver to your location and also for information on shipping costs to your location. Please note that you will be responsible for any local taxes, duties or any other requirements when importing alcohol.

If you would like us to store your bottles, i.e if you are overseas and want to reduce average shipping cost, we can offer storage free of charge for 3 months after you have won an item.  The idea here is to allow bidders the choice of bidding on 3 auctions in order to own a number of bottles before sending in a single shipment.

Get Bidding!