Whisky Investment Services

Whisky keeps on growing and growing in value. It is the fastest growing Luxury investment in the world at the moment, by a very long way.

You can buy the whisky, but do you know the right price and product to buy in?

Even if you buy in at the right price, do you have the avenues to sell it at the highest possible price at the fastest time possible when you want to sell it?

Well, we do all this for YOU!

Whisky Investments Chart


High demand, low supply. Demand has increased as more people worldwide are starting the trend of collecting whiskies. Here’s an Example

• A rare bottle of Port Ellen or Rosebank which we purchase from auctions or networks cost $800, we can sell it for $1,100. Profit is 37.5%

• A rare bottle of Macallan 18 which we purchase from my suppliers cost $400, we sell it in the market at $680. Your immediate profit is 70%. Or keep it for 2 years, it becomes $1,100. Profit is 175%

Multiply this by many bottles and you get the picture.

Rare whisky investment services
Rare whisky auctions services